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We breathe, listen, produce and share Lo Fi music every day. Simple LoFi is a commitment to music production. We discover new talents, research and work with passion to transmit the best sensations through music. Improve your day, listen Lo Fi hip hop.

2020 • 10 songs • 20 min

Our debut album featured two of Simple Lo-Fi’s new talents Ney Marques and Marcelin. Put comfy earphones and enjoy the music.

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Open Doors (Release)

2020 • Single

A great moment is coming. We will release the third album and it will be available soon in all music services.

We are a collective of amazing people who strive to create delightful music

Lo Fi Hip Hop is the latest and most interesting phenomenon on the music scene. Thanks to the new technologies that has allowed music production at home, with very little resources.

Computers, smartphones, old cassette recorders or audio editing softwares with vintage emulation plugins.

The most important thing is to experiment, mix digital sound loops with real instruments and a nostalgic and cozy drum beats.

We are good at this. We combine a passion for music, a vast experience in music production, the ability to play many instruments and the willingness to share.

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